About Us



Like pink sand, the Bermuda Moongate is one of the signature landmarks of the island. Legend has it that people who walk through a Moongate are blessed with good luck. It is traditional that couples and newlyweds pass through Moongate together to bless their future happiness. We wish good luck to all…

The products we develop are inspired by the uniqueness of this place and by the people that make it one of a kind. We want to share Bermuda with the world.

Our Story

The inspiration for the Moongate Limited brand came from two very special people and from unique paradise that is the island of Bermuda. Many years ago I had the distinct good fortune to meet my "other parents" or whom I regard as the Godparents I never had. This chance meeting has been a lifetime gift that has in many ways influenced who I am today. As a young person, away from home for the first time, they took me under their wing as one of their own. They have afforded me valuable lessons and principles I incorporate into every day of my life. I doubt they will ever know now much they impacted my life and what a positive influence they continue to be - despite our distance apart.