What is a Bermuda Moongate?

Like pink sand, the Bermuda Moongate is one of the signature landmarks of the island. Legend has it that people who walk through a Moongate are blessed with good luck. It is traditional that couples and newlyweds pass through Moongate together to bless their future happiness. We wish good luck to all…

What we do...

We share Bermuda with the world and with you.  The products we develop are inspired by the uniqueness of this place and by the people that make it one of a kind. 

Our Story

Moongate Limited has production operations in the USA to facilitate worldwide distribution for wholesale customers and online orders.  Our products are available in Bermuda thru local merchants.   Please contact us at info@moongatelimited.com for wholesale inquiries.  For local distribution in Bermuda, please contact our representative - A.C. Brewer Distributors Ltd. 441.292.7555, 9 Elliott Street East, City of Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 10.

The inspiration for the Moongate Limited brand came from two very special people and from unique paradise that is the island of Bermuda.  This chance meeting has been turned out to be the gift of a lifetime gift that has in many ways influenced who I am today.